Database Driven Design

Database Driven Design Details and Pricing

Database driven sites are for web sites that require the usage of stored data. This data could be user input data, or data that you or your administrator inputed in the database or both. Examples of database driven sites are sites that store user data like login information, user profiles, articles, user comments, blogs, sport team stats, inventory, parts, work orders, just to mention a few.

If you use a database to store user information, such as username and passwords, we encrypt the passwords. Therefore using this method is secure, however if the user forgets his/her password, they must create a new one. Once the password is encrypted it can not be decrypted.

One of the web sites we created that's database driven is This site is entirely database driven. The owner can make changes without calling us for support. We created a online ordering system for Cozzeria Pizzeria, as well as a POS system that allows them to take orders in their shop. The POS system also allows employees to clock in and out, and has a reporting system for employee times, sales and customer loyalty.

Prices for a database driven site starting at $200.00