Multible Page Design

Multible Page Design Details and Pricing

Multible page design consists of several pages. They are as follows:

  • Main Page - This page is just that, The Main Page. It is your web site. You can set it up anyway you like. Put you logo and name at the top. Everything else just below that. We can lay it out any way you like. Draw up the design and we'll build it for you, or we can design it for you.
  • Site Map - Wheather you have a single page site or multible page site, you need a Site Map. This file is used by search engines to know what pages on your site to crawl.
  • Terms of Service - This page is customized to reference your websites name, and keeps you protected from any liabilities of any misuse of your web site.
  • Contact Us - This page consists of you contact information, in case anyone wants to contact you about your web site.
  • Any other pages after these four will then be considered multible page site. Multible page sites can be as small or as large as you need.


Prices for a multible page site starting at $100.00